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Kitchen windows are important part of the functionality and décor of the most used room in the home. They can make the room feel open even with surrounding cabinetry, allow in natural light to brighten work areas, and provide ventilation from steam and cooking odors.

1. Because kitchen windows are often located over counters or hard to reach places, windows such as double hungs which must be lifted, can be hard to open and close. Consider casements which crank open or gliders that can be pushed open side-to-side easily. Better gliders will also have locks that engage automatically when closed, for added convenience.

2. If your view is not great or you want privacy without window treatments in the way, try adding obscure, textured or tinted glass. Your new kitchen window will still provide natural light and ventilation, and have a stylish look.

3. Because kitchens get a lot of use, think about choosing an easy maintenance window. Integrity from Marvin All-Ultrex Series and Infinity from Marvin windows both have with low maintenance Ultrex fiberglass interiors. Ultrex resists rotting, temperature extremes and moisture all without painting.

4. Another great easy maintenance window interior option for a kitchen window is EverWood, available in Infinity Replacement Windows. EverWood looks, paints and stains just like genuine wood but never needs painting and resists moisture like a champ.

5. Because kitchen can have temperature extremes from cooking, keeping the room comfortable is already a challenge without windows that let in too much solar heat. Low e glass can block the sun’s heat in such a way that keeps rooms evenly comfortable.

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Even if you’ve shopped for windows for homes you’ve owned in the past, it’s not easy picking a brand, especially if you didn’t stay in that home for over 10 years. Most windows are made to last about a decade, although some large scale home builders (the kind who build whole communities) will even resort to using window that may not even make it 10 years. It’s a way to keep down the cost of building the home.
so when the need to replace windows arises, upgrading to a better quality product is a good idea.
Builders who use these low cost windows usually have them made locally, or even if they’ve used a familiar name brand, it’s been made especially to provide them with an inexpensive alternative.
One window company, Marvin, never compromises their quality to make a bargain product. Marvin has earned a reputation as a leading brand through innovation and leading-edge manufacturing methods that make a fine window. In addition, Marvin is out ahead in energy efficiency, offer 150,000 options that are ENERGY STAR rated.
Marvin is made one window at a time, to your exact specifications. They’ve been in the business for over 100 years, making windows for homes just like yours, so their vast experience, knowledge of window aesthetics, engineering abilities and commitment to quality are engrained in their company culture. For you it means windows that stand the test of time, make your home beautiful, increase energy efficiency, and leave you satisfied with the results. And one more reason to be choose Marvin: because they are made to order, you can customize them to have the appearance, details, feature, options, shapes and sizes you want.

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The most obvious place to start a search for the best windows is online however, knowing how to dig a little deeper than the first few search results can help. Obviously, if you search windows on Google, you’ll get the top few companies that have made sure their name appears. But this presence is not enough. Taking the time to read what’s on their website will help you learn more. Choosing a major national brand has advantages. These companies have the resources and experience to have developed high quality products, and working on a national level, those products have proven to be successful in a wide variety of installations – this beats small local window shops with limited experience. Check out their warranties – this will not only tell you how long your can expect the windows to last, but also give you peace of mind in making the investment.

When visiting their sites, read the About Us section, which will tell you the company’s history and story. In addition, there should be an extensive write up about the actual products they sell, the details, advantages, features and benefits.
Once you are comfortable with a national brand, drill down to the local company that sells the window you like. Visit their website to learn about their organization, how long they have been in business, what warranties they offer on the installation and more.

Finally, in doing your research, you can visit websites such as Kudzu and Angie’s List that specialize in directories of window contractors. These sites will have customer reviews and testimonials in the homeowners’ own words about their experience with the company you are considering. Even better, contact the local installer and request references so you can actually speak to customers.

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From unnecessarily high energy bills to foggy views, there are many reasons to think about new home windows. If any combination of these problems sounds familiar, it’s time for replacement.

Inoperability – The inability to open windows poses a threat to your safety and health. In the event of a fire or a furnace malfunction, it’s vital to be able to open your windows. Windows that will not stay safely open can lead to serious injury.

Signs of Moisture – Water marks and mildew on walls and moldy sills are signs your windows are managing moisture properly. New home windows can be correctly installed to channel water away from inside walls. In addition, double paned insulating glass discourages excessive condensation that gathers on the inside of windows.

Air infiltration – Feeling a chill even when the heat is on or seeing your window treatments move on a very windy day are signs that your windows are not sealing out the temperature extremes. Your windows may be warped or have lost their weather stripping — signs they need repair or possibly replacement

Inability to lock windows – Besides security, windows must lock in order to be energy efficient. A properly engaged lock ensures the sash is sealing out the weather and keeping in the heat or air conditioning.

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Here are five reasons to investigate replacing your windows with Marvin.

1.      Marvin Windows are Built Around You®
Marvin windows are made one at a time, with care and craftsmanship, and without taking any shortcuts. This has in turn built them a reputation as a leader by having the industry’s largest selection of customization options. Innovation at the heart of Marvin, and when windows are made one at a time, there’s an opportunity better and better. Build in just the features, options and style details to suit your vision and your home. No other window offers the design flexibility of Marvin.

2.      100 Years of Experience
When Marvin was founded in 1912 in Warroad, MN by son William S. Marvin and father George Marvin, they imbued the company with their values: an old-fashioned code of honesty, hard work and service to their neighbors. Those values are the heritage that guides Marvin as an organization today. It results in quality manufacturing and a level of quality not available with other window brands.

3.      The People Behind The Windows
From the fourth generation of the family that founded Marvin, to the craftsmen who make the windows, right down to the retailers who’ve made a career selling Marvin, your order travels a chain of talented, dedicated people, resulting in exceptional service and a high quality product. A tour of the factory reveals the sophistication of manufacturing and the dedication of the people behind the brand. In fact, every year hundreds of builders and architects travel all the way to Warroad to see how Marvin is made – and come back more convinced than ever.

4.      Best Value in Windows
The level of value you get with Marvin leaves architects and builders loyal to the brand – their experience shows again and again that the best results come with Marvin.
Put another way, if you’re going to invest money you worked hard to earn, you want a return on that investment. Marvin products stand the test of time, increase the value of your home, and give you the exact features and options you want. In the end, you’ll be satisfied with your investment. Isn’t that what value is about?

5.      Energy Efficiency
Frugality, respect for the environment and the pursuit of excellence are inherent to the pioneering spirit of Marvin. For that reason, Marvin has embraced the values that make their windows and doors green. Marvin offers more than 150,000 energy efficient options that are ENERGY STAR rated so you can begin saving on energy bills from the minute Marvin is installed. And thanks to Marvin’s customization, you can dial in those options to suit your specific climate. Marvin’s manufacturing operations incorporate sustainability practices that reduce waste, recycle, and make efficient use of resources to reduce the impact on the environment, so you’ll be replacing windows with peace of mind.

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