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If you’re trying to choose the best time for replacing windows, this article can help by telling you what to expect during the process.

Depending on the current condition of your windows, most installation jobs can be done in one to three days at most, so it’s a low-impact home improvement project.  And in fact, during the actual replacement process, once the old window is removed, the new one can be in place in just minutes, so there’s no need to worry about the weather outdoors.

If you choose a product such as Marvin Insert Windows or Infinity from Marvin Replacement Windows, they can usually replace your old windows without disturbing the surrounding trim or walls, inside and outside your home. It’s a surprisingly low impact project compared to painting, or even carpet replacement. You hardly have to move furniture.

In terms of energy efficiency, it’s highly likely that your new windows will be measurably better than you current ones. So from the moment they’re installed, no matter the season, they’ll help reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of your rooms.  Anytime is the right time for that! Due to significant advances in energy efficiency standards, even 10 year old windows were ENERGY STAR rated, will not be as good as new ones the feature the ENERGY STAR label.

And if you live in a newer home, you may be surprise to learn the builder used inexpensive, locally made windows that may not even have double pane insulating glass, let alone advanced features such as low E glass with argon or krypton gas between the panes. These builder windows may also be prone to rot or deterioration, and be ready for replacement.

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1. The Occupants

Consider how your current windows open and close, because you do not have to replace them with the same window styles. Window replacement can give you a chance to make then easier to open. Windows that slide side-to-side, crank or push open can be a good alternative to the traditional double hung the must be lifted to be opened. This is an excellent choice for family members who plan on aging in place or have disabilities.

2. The View

Perhaps the views have changed outside your windows. Adding dividers can be a way to change the view, as well as adding character to your home from the exterior. Adding obscure glass provides complete privacy, but while still allowing in the sunlight. Or perhaps you want to open up your home to bring the outdoors closer.

3. The Traffic Flow

You can choose window styles that work well with the flow of traffic inside or around the exterior of your home. If you have a busy patio or deck area, consider choosing windows that do not swing outward. Another consideration, addressed in many building codes, is emergency egress. This is the planning of escape routes, should your doors be blocked by fire, for example. A window specialist such as AVI can assist in choosing windows that provide adequate egress.

4. The Details

Window replacement gives you a chance to transform the look of your home. Whether you change the interior or exterior finish colors, add grilles, install new shapes, increase the size or add more windows, you are not limited to replacing with exactly the same window styles you currently have.

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1. Beautiful Choices

With Marvin products, it’s an even tie in the contest between engineering and beauty. So you get sliding doors that operate smoothly and easily, energy efficiency that you’ll notice on your bills and in your rooms, and beauty that impresses. Whether you go with Marvin’s sliding patio doors, sliding French doors, the unique Lift and Slide, or Marvin’s bi-fold doors, your options for styling and features is wide open. Colors, hardware, dividers and countless other details will make Marvin sliding doors your own. Choose from wood species, maintenance-free aluminum clad, and Ultrex fiberglass, the leading edge material that outperforms the others.

2. Energy Efficiency

Marvin offers over 150,000 options that are ENERGY STAR rated so you can choose the ones that are right for your climate, your home, and the way you live.

3. Excellence

For over a century, Marvin has done things a certain way that leads to great results. They have never compromised on quality, making their windows and doors to order one at a time. Now lead by the fourth generation of a remarkable family, their steadfast appreciation of craftsmanship, innovation, integrity and pride makes for excellence in the final product. Visit AVI to experience the quality of Marvin sliding doors firsthand.

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Windows provide and essential function in your home. While they must open and close easily, they must also seal out the harsh elements and ensure the security comfort of your family. Here are some features and window types to consider to help protect your home.
In high traffic areas, stairwells and bathrooms, tempered glass is a must. This is a special glass that’s been strengthened to withstand impact and resist breaking through a controlled heating process. Local building codes often specify tempered glass, and working with an experienced window retailer such as AVI will ensure you meet these codes.
Flimsy windows are an invitation for intruders. Quality windows with sturdy frames will protect your home. Marvin’s Ultimate Casement and Awning are two window types that feature multipoint locking. Not only does this offer added security, but the tight sealed formed by multipoint locking also ensures their energy efficiency.
One invisible intruder that can take a toll on your furnishing is UV light. Window treatments and upholstery can be protected by windows that are designed to block UV rays. Look for windows with Low E glass that include a special coating to block those harmful rays. Beside protecting your belongings, Low E will also improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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Though windows are a practical consideration, their styling can also have an impact on the beauty of your home. So how do you get both durability and beauty? At AVI, our answer is Marvin Windows and Doors, an answer we’ve built our careers and our business around.

Marvin has made the perfect marriage of beauty in durability in one brand of home windows. Marvin products are made to order, one at a time, without shortcuts. Because they take the long way, you get windows and doors rich with beautiful styling , countless options, innovative features, and the engineering and ingenuity that make lifelong fans of a brand.

For example, some windows are designed to be highly inexpensive to make and to buy, but compromise on quality, risking seal failures that give windows that foggy appearance and compromise the energy efficiency. This narrowed down window can also be lean on looks, especially in contrast to the substantial, quality appearance of Marvin.

If you want windows that will continue to open and close for decades, make a noticeable change in your energy bills, and make your home the talk of your neighborhood, than it’s time for a trip to AVI’s Marvin Design Gallery. There you can experience the quality and beauty firsthand –open and close them and see a sampling of the many shapes, sizes, details and options that will make them uniquely yours. You’ll also find trusted, friendly and highly knowledgeable window specialists who can help you find the home windows you’re dreaming of.

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