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Just as car mechanics can be experts on the inner workings of cars, window specialists know the ins and outs of these moving, mechanical parts of your home. Window experts can ensure your new windows will work properly and last for decades of worry-free use.

Windows made to fit the opening.
To get the best installation, there is nothing like choosing windows made to fit your home. Windows made in standards sizes that are pulled from a warehouse may not fit the openings exactly. The resulting installation may permit water to enter or even be channeled into walls or allow air leaks that compromise the energy efficiency.

What can go wrong?
So why worry about the installation. After all, if you’ve chosen a good window, isn’t the process pretty simple? Water intrusion, is an invisible threat that can take its toll over time. Even a slow leak can conduct moisture and water deep into walls in your home, leading to mold, rot and damage to walls and load bearing members.

Also, your windows’ efficiency may not be fully realized. If you’re investing in new windows to reduce your energy bills, insists on working with factory-trained professionals who are up on the latest techniques to ensure the success of your installation.

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Marvin Windows iPad AppIf you’re in the midst of improving your home, you may have already discovered that your iPad is your best friend for organizing, visualizing, researching and recording your ideas.

An exciting new app that can help you find the perfect windows and doors has been released by Marvin Windows and Doors. It was designed with convenience and efficiency in mind. Better than paging through a traditional catalog, the Marvin windows app let’s you experience the all the advantages this unique window brand has to offer

Start with photos and video of projects so varied and exciting, you won’t believe they all were done with the Marvin brands. The eye candy is accompanied by expert advice on window design to get your creativity flowing.

Try your hand at designing your dream windows with the 3D viewer that let’s you test out your new windows. Then save your design so you are prepared to shop. Feeling like you’re ready to the next step? The app helps you quickly locate and map out a Marvin dealer location.

You can download the Marvin app in the iTunes App Store. Or check out a demo video and download it at www.marvin.com/apps.

Then get started bringing your window project to life in the palm of your hand.


Funny thing about the weather is that it’s impossible to do anything about it. Or is there? If you have a great space that you’d love to have open to the outdoors, except when the weather is not conducive to entertaining or relaxing, there is a perfect solution that doesn’t involve changing the weather!

Marvin’s Bi-fold doors can be made with two to eight panels, which fold neatly, stylishly and effortlessly out of the way, eliminating the barrier between the indoors and out. Marvin is a window and doors brand known for its beauty, durability and innovation, so this door works as beautifully as it looks. A rugged aluminum track is unobtrusively countersunk into the floor, so when the door is folded, you’d hardly guess it was there. Marvin’s bifolds are tough enough to be used for light commercial applications, so you know they’ll stand up to your household use. For convenience, one panel acts as an outswing door, so you can pass through easily without folding the entire door.

And in Marvin’s tradition, this door is exceptionally energy efficient, so you won’t have to pay to heat or air condition the streets to enjoy luxury indoor/outdoor living.
The styling is has been perfected, thanks to Marvin’s 100 years of experience in the industry, and with a options of wood or aluminum cladding, you have some tough choices to make between 19 stylish colors or the fine wood species Marvin has to offer.

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Turning your porch into an extension of your home is a great way to expand entertaining possibilities, add value to your home, and bring the outdoors into your home. A great way to blend the inside of your home with the porch area is with custom windows. Consider these ideas, made possible by the amazing design flexibility of Marvin Windows and Doors.

Marvin offers an exciting tilt/turn window that opens two different ways. It can swing open wide like a door, or if you just want ventilation, the entire window can tilt in, leaving an opening just at the top. This amazing performance is made possible by revolutionary hardware and the innovative way Marvin products are made.

If you prefer to have traditional double hung windows, Marvin’s Magnum double hungs are built for very large openings, again provided that portal between the inside and the outside. In spite of their large scale, Magnum double hungs open and close easily, again owing to Marvin’s feats of innovative engineering. Double hungs are ideal for porch areas because they do not require extra space to swing open.

When you sit on the porch, you get a close up view or your windows. Being able to carefully choose the details that will make your windows ready to be view up close is another advantage of Marvin. Whether it’s colors, divider grilles, hi-transparency screens, stunning wood species or the rich, fade-resistant colors of Marvin’s industry-leading aluminum clad exteriors, your design possibilities are virtually unlimited with these custom windows.

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The first thing the comes to mind in window types when cottages are the subject are windows with charming details such as lattice patterned dividers or grilles. If you choose made-to-order Marvin Windows, that’s only the beginning of the details you can add to give your home an authentic cottage style.

The actual definition of a cottage style window according to architects is a double hung window (the type with two sashes that slide up and down) where the lower pane is taller than the upper pane. The upper pain is often decorated with a divided lite pattern (grille). But with Marvin, virtually any lite pattern you can imagine can be added to your new windows, including diamonds and Prairie or Art and Crafts grilles.

Another type of window that adds charm is a French casement. These windows have two sashes that either swing inward or out, and Marvin can make them without a bar in the center, giving an unobstructed, beautiful view when open.

Regardless of window types, consider adding round tops to your windows to extend the views and build the architectural interest of your home.

One last tip: screens are modern necessities in most climates to keep out the insects. Marvin’s hi-transparency screens do the job beautifully, without stealing the charming look or your new cottage windows.

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