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Doing research online can be a helpful way to shop for the best windows. It can save you  choose-best-windows-to-fit-your-stylegasoline and time in the car. Here are ways to do great online research.

Visit Marvin.com to find several window shopping tools. The product finder helps you narrow down the window type based on how the window opens, its size and shape and the architectural style of your home. Once you know the window type, the product designer lets you design the actual look of your new window. Choose from a sampling of Marvin’s vast array of options to style the interior and exterior, as well as details such as hardware. This design tool lets you see the window so you can try out each look and have an educated guess of what to order for your project.

If you prefer to shop on your iPad, the Marvin app gives you a portable, interactive window shopping experience. Browse the entire catalog of windows and doors illustrated with 3D models. As above, the product designer lets you put on a window fashion show so you can see each look and settle on your style. For inspiration, browse the gallery of stunning photos and videos of actual projects to see the possibilities.

Two other great tools to help you find the best windows for your home include the Marvin iPhone App and the online remodeling planner. Visit Marvin.com to learn more.

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The Best Window Upgrades for Colder WeatherKeeping your home snug and warm on the chilliest nights is a great reason to look for window upgrades. So is reducing your energy bills, not to mention your home’s impact on the environment.

Fiberglass windows are a boon to home comfort. Unlike aluminum or vinyl, fiberglass does not conduct cold into the room – it’s a difference you’ll notice while watching TV on a cold night. In addition, a quality brand of fiberglass such as Ultrex, made by Marvin Windows and Doors, is as strong as steel. This superior strength helps windows keep straight and square, so they close more tightly, keeping them from loosing their energy efficiency over time.

Insulating glass is made from two panes of glass, but not all brands are alike. Insulating glass with argon gas between the panes will keep the cold from passing through easily.

Low E coatings are really designed to keep out heat, but newer coatings allow in beneficial solar heat in cooler months with the sun’s ray are angled lower. Ask your window retailer about the advantages of solar heat gain in the winter.

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Window Styles That Help With Increasing Energy EfficiencyNot all windows are created equal. The materials and special insulating glass are fundamental to increasing energy efficiency, and there’s even a difference between window styles.

Starting with the right window material is the first step to increasing energy efficiency. Nature knew what it was doing, because wood is still one of the best insulators, keeping the heat and cold from passing through to the inside of your home easily.

Possibly the most perfect window material available is fiberglass, and more specifically a type called Ultrex. It was created by a company called Marvin Window and Doors, who’ve been in business over 100 years. They took their experience, thought up the dream material and then made windows with it. Marvin’s Integrity and Infinity windows, with their standard high efficiency glass, can reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 30%.* Other benefits of Ultrex include extreme durability and strength, making them a brilliant investment.

High efficiency glass is an important factor, because it makes up the majority of the window’s surface. Because energy efficiency is more about cooling than heating in our warmer Georgia climate, two good options are Low E 2 and Low E 3 insulating glass. Made up of two panes of glass with a special coating in between that blocks the sun’s heat, Low E 3 blocks more than Low E 2. In addition, adding krypton or argon gas between the panes can further help in increasing energy efficiency.

And as for which window type is more efficient, casements and awnings, windows that swing open on hinges, form a tighter seal than a double hung. With double hungs, the sash must slide up and down, relying on weather stripping to ensure the window is sealed. However, even a well made double hung can be highly energy efficient, it you choose one that is well made.

* Estimated savings. Actual savings will vary by product type, location, method of installation, individual home characteristics, local climates and more.

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The dining room may not be the most often used part of your home, but it’s where the most memorable gatherings take place. Entertain with flair by adding a stunning window to can take any dining room from bland to brilliant. Here are three window styles to consider:

Bay and Bow Windows
Bay windows are usually made up of three units, joined at 30, 45, 60 0r 90 degree angles. Bow windows combine multiple units in a gently curving shape. Either window is ideal for adding a large, dramatic window with architectural interest. They also create a large space in the room as they extend outside the existing walls.

Picture Windows
Offering virtually unlimited window styles and shapes, picture windows usually do not open, though leave it to Marvin Windows and Doors to offer a unique venting picture window that can add ventilation to your dream picture window. Consider round, square, round top, triangular, or polygon shapes. Or get creative by combining a picture window with double hungs or casements that open.

These windows crank or push open like a door to leave a completely unobstructed opening. A series of these windows can open up a room to the outdoors, while also adding some of the best energy efficiency performance of any window type.

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  1. Are your windows ready for replacement? Perform these simple tests: Being careful to remove window treatments before you start, pass a lit candle around the perimeter of your windows on a windy day. If the flame flickers, it’s an indication of enough air infiltration to show window replacement will make a noticeable difference on utility bills and your comfort.
  2. Other signs you need to replace include moisture and mildew surrounding the window, and fogging between the panes. Even windows that are only ten years old may be leaky and inefficient as energy standards have improved greatly in the last 5-10 years. A home energy audit can be a good investment before you decide to replace your windows.
  3. To be sure you are choosing a good window brand: check how long has the company been in business? There are brands, such as Marvin, that have been around for 100 years. Building on experience and having such a solid reputation will go a long way to ensure quality.
  4. Visit the window brand’s website, check their warranties, and read their reviews.
  5. Work with an installer who works with a national brand. A local, authorized retailer of an established national brand will be factory trained in the latest and best installation methods and will not void the warranty of the windows with improper labor. Does the installer specialize in windows or are they a jack of all trades?
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