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Energy efficient windows among top home trends for 2012

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Marvin windows in Alpharetta, GA

How will you improve your home in 2012?

Each year the experts at Marvin windows and doors publish a list of top home trends for the coming year. Here’s this year’s list.

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. High quality, high function
  3. Not-so-big living
  4. Renovation nation
  5. Let the sunshine in
  6. Keeping it simple
  7. Make room for family
  8. Aging in place and universal design
  9. Indoor/outdoor living
  10. Lighter and brighter

Some trends, such as Indoor/Outdoor Living are staying strong after years, while others, such as Lighter and Brighter are new to the list. If you’re thinking of working on your home, they’re great for inspiration. Visit the mLuxe blog to learn more about each trend.

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