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Benefits of Bi-Fold Marvin Doors

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Funny thing about the weather is that it’s impossible to do anything about it. Or is there? If you have a great space that you’d love to have open to the outdoors, except when the weather is not conducive to entertaining or relaxing, there is a perfect solution that doesn’t involve changing the weather!

Marvin’s Bi-fold doors can be made with two to eight panels, which fold neatly, stylishly and effortlessly out of the way, eliminating the barrier between the indoors and out. Marvin is a window and doors brand known for its beauty, durability and innovation, so this door works as beautifully as it looks. A rugged aluminum track is unobtrusively countersunk into the floor, so when the door is folded, you’d hardly guess it was there. Marvin’s bifolds are tough enough to be used for light commercial applications, so you know they’ll stand up to your household use. For convenience, one panel acts as an outswing door, so you can pass through easily without folding the entire door.

And in Marvin’s tradition, this door is exceptionally energy efficient, so you won’t have to pay to heat or air condition the streets to enjoy luxury indoor/outdoor living.
The styling is has been perfected, thanks to Marvin’s 100 years of experience in the industry, and with a options of wood or aluminum cladding, you have some tough choices to make between 19 stylish colors or the fine wood species Marvin has to offer.

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