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(How to replace windows) without hassleSave these tips on how to replace windows to make your experience hassle free. Start with a window brand that will stand the test of time. Look for materials that will outlast the rest, such as high quality wood or state-of-the-art fiberglass, which outlasts and outperforms vinyl and roll-form aluminum.

Work with a reputable company that bills themselves as specialists in windows and doors. You’ll know a good experience because it starts with an in-home presentation that thoroughly explains the products, or a meeting at the company’s showroom where you can see actual samples of the windows you are considering purchasing.  Either way your questions should be completely answered. The next step is professional measuring of your existing windows to ensure they will fit properly and be energy efficient. Upon measuring, you should  receive a complete quote in writing with no pressure to purchase unless you are satisfied. Make sure labor is included in the quote.

The company that sells you the windows should provide professional installers who are factory-trained and versed in the latest and best installation techniques. Window specialists will work with your schedule and also take away debris and old windows, leaving your home in order.

Look for a good warranty. Not all windows are built to last – beware of the ones that are built to be cheap. You want to do this job once, and do it right. Look for warranties that last decades or better yet, a lifetime warranty. Also insist on a warranty on labor, as well as the windows themselves.

Because it’s something you only do once or twice in a lifetime, it’s hard to know exactly how to replace windows without hassle. Working with a leading company such as AVI, a Marvin Design Gallery will help ensure your success.


double-hung-window-trendsIf you are thinking of adding or replacing double hung windows, here are three brands that are ahead of the trend in style, features, energy efficiency and innovation.

Marvin double hung windows come from a company that’s been in the business for over 100 years. Known as the window brand that’s best in class, the Marvin brand is synonymous durability, beauty and efficiency. All three of these qualities come from the engineers who design these windows, the skilled craftsman who make them in the US and the vast experience the company draws upon to keep improving their windows.

Because they are made to order, you can choose the model and features that are perfect for your home. Insert windows that replace existing windows with little disruption, full frame windows, ideal for more deteriorated conditions, and even unique types such as the Magnum double hung, for very large openings, engineered to be easy to open in spite of its size. In addition, these made to order windows fit extremely well, ensuring they’ll provide excellent energy efficiency. Marvin double hung windows are made from fine wood, for a traditional, craftsman-like fit and finish.

Integrity windows, also made by Marvin, are a high tech marvel. They are made from Ultrex, a fiberglass material that by far outperforms and outlasts vinyl, aluminum and other common window materials. Integrity windows are made of all fiberglass, inside and out, or can be purchased with a genuine wood interior. Thanks to the superior strength of Ultrex, these windows can have a narrower frame and larger glass area, giving you amazing views.

Infinity from Marvin is a type of replacement double hung. Infinity is made to order, also ensuring that amazing fit and finish, but they are also made from Ultrex fiberglass. Again, they have the exceptional performance qualities of durability and energy efficiency, and with a lifetime warranty, they provide peace of mind. For a seamless experience, Infinity windows are installed by factory-trained window specialists.

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3-reasons-to-choose-integrity -windowsIntegrity Window are made by Marvin, a company that’s been in the window business for over 100 years. Known for their beauty, durability and innovation, Marvin windows are considered best-in-class. Their Integrity line of windows are made with Ultrex, a remarkable fiberglass that outperforms and outlasts all other window materials including vinyl. Learn three reasons to choose Integrity windows for installation in your home’s bedrooms.

1. Carefree Living
While Integrity windows feature a choice of genuine wood interiors (or paintable fiberglass interiors if you prefer) the outside are made with Ultrex. Thanks to it’s tough acrylic finish which meets the industry’s highest standards for fade- and chalk-resistance, you won’t have to worry about painting these windows — which is ideal if you have multiple bedrooms or they are on the second floor. They’ll stay looking like new for decades to come, even in their darkest exterior finish colors.

2. Comfortable Living
Integrity windows’ combination of Ultrex fiberglass and insulating low e glass ensure they exceed Energy Star standards, so you can count on them keeping your bedrooms cozy and comfortable in the winter, but also cool in the summer with their UV blocking ability. In addition, the Ultrex frames are 500 times less thermally conductive than aluminum windows.

3. Beautiful Living
Integrity windows benefit from their Marvin heritage. For over a century, the Marvin family has lead a mission to listen to their customers, achieve the level of quality they demanded, and to craft windows that outperformed all others in their class and were styled to be architecturally and aesthetically pleasing. While vinyl windows can have unsightly corner seam welds and aluminum frames can lack depth and substance, Integrity windows have rich styling, beautiful options and details that can make them accent your bedroom’s decor to a T.

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best-place-for-double-hung-windowsWhen you’re thinking about getting new windows, the way in which they open, or operate, can be an important consideration. Here’s an example of the best place to use double hung windows throughout your house.

The main advantage of the way double hung windows operate is that you can choose to have them open at the top or the bottom. Depending on the room and the way you live, you can make this work for you.

If you have a living room where the windows open to a porch or a family room where the windows open to a patio, double hung windows can be opened on the bottom, allowing you to stay connected with those staying on the porch or patio, while not having to leave space for the sash to swing outward the way it would with a casement window.

In a bath or powder room where privacy is an issue and ventilation is needed, the double hung windows’ top sash can be opened, keeping the lower part of the window closed. In a children’s room where safety is a concern, again the top sash can be opened, keeping your children safe inside and preventing unwanted intruders from viewing or entering the room.

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New-Home Windows-That Can-Transform-Any-RoomAdding a window to any room can create drama, change the lighting, give it a more open feel, or connect it with the outdoors. Here are new home windows that can have a transformational effect.

Round top or arch top windows have a rounded top which breaks away from the rectangular or square norm for windows. Not only will they change the site lines but they can extend the opening, adding more light to the room. In additional, they’ll add to the exterior beauty of the home.

French windows, like French doors, are truly elegant. The swing open together, creating a large, unobstructed opening, and give any room a romantic, historical appeal. French windows can be made to open inward or out, depending on the amount to room available to allow to the sash to swing.

Bay and bow windows not only transform the room by adding more windows to a wall, but because they actually change the shape of the room. These windows are made up of several individual units, assembled to project from the exterior wall of the room. Besides making more space, they give expansive views and add architectural interest.

Picture windows can be square, round, rectangular, or virtually any shape you can imagine, when you work with a made to order brand such as Marvin, that is. You can add one large feature window in an unusual shape, or add combinations of multiple units.

Because they affect the light, the interior and exterior of each room, new home windows can truly transform the look of your home.

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